Friday, September 18, 2009


the first thing you gonna want to do is create a blog of your choice than publish it after that got to your dashboard and it should say manage blogs (3 total) or how ever many you have than there is 4 options next to it they are. edit post-settings-layout-monetize click monetize this will take you to a page call adsense set up if you already have an account than sign in if not sign up for one if your wondering what this is its a program trough google where they put ads on your page and every time some one gos to your page you get what they call an impression and you will get paid for every impression you get but this is where it gets good everytime someone clicks on one of the adds you get paid anywhere from 2 cents to a dallar 50 depending on the ad once you have an account ready than you ahould see 4 options on where you can place the ads i suggest you go with choice number one its the best way to get people to notice your ads than after you chose what you want click next and it should say adsense enabled also to get you started on a good roll read my blog 100 free hit to find out how you can get 100 views for 100% free if you have any question leave a comment thanks for you time check back for updates